Graphic author

Daniel Mróz

Daniel Mróz was a visual artist, graphic designer, set designer and illustrator, who created some of the most famous illustrations for Stanislaw Lem's short stories. Hewas born on 3 February 1917 and died on 21 January 1993. 

Daniel Mróz used mainly pen and ink. His illustrations are very distinctive; he constructed them with precise stenciling, with hundreds of thin black lines, which resemble the woodcut stencil, prevalent in 19th-century illustration. Daniel Mróz's illustrations are characterised by surrealism and the grotesque. 

He became famous especially for his illustrations to works by Stanisław Lem. He illustrated, among others, 'Cyberiada' (twice, for the 1965 and 1972 editions) and 'Fables for Robots', and designed covers for many other books by Lem.

Mróz's illustrations have influenced a generation of readers and emerging illustrators. Daniel Mróz has been mentioned in all the important world almanacs of graphic designers.