Investment in coins

Why invest in coins featuring the works of Stanislaw Lem?

Stanislaw Lem is an author of novels known all over the world. He is regarded as one of the best fantasy writers, as well as a great visionary. His books and ideas were ahead of their time. They still fire the imagination of thousands of readers today. Bullion investment, on the other hand, is called a 'safe investment', with returns increasing year on year.

Numismatics keeps growing more common, not only among the elderly. More young people see the potential investment in the coins. They are witnesses to history. Alone numismatics is one of oldest hobbies in the world because currency was collected back in times ancient. Coins also function educational function - each of them commemorates some character, event, or place. Coins are minted on the occasion important anniversaries or to draw attention for some global problem. Thanks to them we can learn a lot about those around us the world, look more at the problems to be they may not touch us directly, but they are important for society. Collector coins are not only "ordinary" silver or gold rings. Currently, they take various forms. Mint art is high developed. Coins are decorated with multicolored print, precious stones, gold, wooden inserts ... thanks to better and better technology, it is possible to create such coins as several dozen years ago, they could only exist in the realm of dreams. 

Valuable contemporary collector coins are minted from silver or gold of the highest order, that is 999. Ba very important factor, not only that in numismatics, but there is a circulation in the entire collection. The lower it is, the more it is better. Something that is collectible may not be common. Happen of course, coins, which, despite the greater circulation, have become significantly more expensive. This is the case for very interesting topics where the number of people there is a lot of interest in them. One of the most important factors affecting value the coin is its theme and image. If they present interesting for you people from all over the world characters or events, you can be sure of that will prove to be an excellent investment. 

Collector coins are not only an interesting hobby and a great family heirloom, but can also become a source of additional income or a way to secure your capital. There are many coins that have grown in value by up to 400% in just a few years.

The author of the designs is Przemek Dębowski, a graphic designer from Krakow, whose covers have been decorating Stanisław Lem's books for over ten years, not only in Poland, but also in renowned publishing houses in the United States and Spain. As he says, working on perpetuating the fantastic universe of Stanisław Lem in this unique series of coins allowed him to discover new faces of the outstanding writer's prose. “On the one hand, I was inspired by classic SF visuals: fantastical space landscapes, futuristic machinery, spaceships and robots. On the other hand, the richness of Lem's language invites you to explore various ways of expression and styles: from retrofuturism, through realism, to abstraction and Art Deco, so rare in the world of coin design!

Jedyne na świecie monety kolekcjonerskie poświęcone twórczości Stanisława Lema

The minting of coins of the Mint of Gdansk sells out quickly and is rapidly gaining in value

Ultra-low circulation, much smaller than the number of the writer's fans

Safe form of investing money

You can resell your coins to fans and collectors around the world

The whole series of coins will form a story corresponding to the subsequent works of Lem

The topic of coins is a worldwide science-fiction phenomenon

The latest technology and the best materials were used to make the coins

The images of the coins were created by the valued graphic artist Przemek Dębowski


There are many reasons that make us believe that investing in gold and silver is beneficial. First, precious metals are not subject to inflation. The exchange rate of silver and gold does not change drastically during financial crises or changes in political systems. When we take into account the last few years, their price is systematically increasing. Secondly, ores are non-renewable - the quantity that can be extracted decreases each year. The third reason is that both gold and silver are just a quick way to allocate savings.  An undoubted advantage is the fact that in the case of inflation, the purchasing power of silver and gold increases, not decreases. Kruszec is a highly liquid investment. Finding a new buyer is not a problem.